It is not the right choice to destroy the concrete the moment you realize that it has a problem that you want to attend to.   The reason is that there are other ways you can identify the problem without interfering with it.   Some of the alternatives that you can use is the X-ray scanner or the ground penetrating radar. 

  The two technologies usually have their benefits in respect to your needs.  It is when you want to locate rebar or the post electrical cables that you use the Riverside Utility Locating scanner.  The WHO has classified the X rays as carcinogen and therefore when you use this technique you should evacuate everyone in the area.   The safety of the technicians should also be adhered to. 

 You also have an alternative which is more safe, sufficient and faster known as the GPR.   Everything that is in the concrete will be readily detected by the concrete radar.   Structures like the towers and bridges can employ this process of using the radar only if the concrete is not exceeding 18 inches in thickness.   With the radar, all the problems will be considered in the picture that is created. 

  The X-ray scanner has some advantages over the ground penetrating radar which makes it be used.   All the structures are visible in the scan that is produced.   The reason is that is because the fluoroscopy, radiation, and tomography done can be computerized. This is among where you sometimes want to use the X-ray over the ground penetrating radar. 

 People also determine the price of each system when they want to choose the one to use.  You will find that the GPR is less costly compared to the Irvine Concrete X-Ray scanner. 

  As a result of the improvement in the radar technology, it is now easy to process and manipulate images.   A lot of individuals now prefer this method because it is also not expensive.   You can use the radar system in all areas except the ones that have a lot of moisture. 


 Other places especially those that need some sort of coring, drilling and cutting prefer using the X-ray scanner over the ground penetrating process.  The reason is that the scanner will provide a clear image for the whole project.  Utility location and detecting leakage will assist you in seeing your area in all faces.  It is prudent to go for the company that will have the latest equipment for such a project.   A lot of professionalism is needed in this field.